Locandina 2lezioni

Vegan Smart in the kitchen in 2 lessons

Vegan Smart in the kitchen in 2 lessons is a course designed to get an overview of the whole plant-based healthy way of cooking and esatig, in only two lessons, from appetizers to desserts.

An intelligent and easy cooking course to keep health in our lives.

This is the program to give you an idea of ​​how many useful and interesting aspects we will be dealing with:

- 9th of July - Starters, first and second courses
. Brief introduction and review of the ingredients
• Soups, general indications
• Some quick raw food recipes: crudité rolls, zucchini spaghetti and variation          • VeggieBurgers with raw or cooked vegetables
• Vegetable lasagna without pasta: raw and cooked
• Vegetable dishes, general indications

15th of July - Desserts
. Brief introduction and review of the ingredients
• Bundt baked cake or muffins, with dates and citrus fruit served with wholemeal lemon sorbet                                                                                                  • Smart Tiramisu, cake or single portions?
• Raw chocolate cake with berries, in single portions
• Very fast chocolate truffles
Classes will be held at Joia Academy in Via Felice Casati 31, Milan, from 7.30pm to 10.30pm.

For info and registration: silvia.zago@joia.it

I look forward to having you too, very smart!


  incorporando2 Sinfonia_nutrizione rot_crudite_e_cracker_crud_chia_rittag JS_portrait confezioncine_Domoriinvoltini_colorati involtini_cavolo_closeup
torre_melanzane involtini_a_foglie_diverse 

DSCF7277 copy 

Foto Sale&Pepe-Veg maggio 2015  Foto Felice Scoccimarro per Sale&Pepe maggio 2015 Photo Sale&Pepe-Veg 5/2015 Photo Felice Scoccimarro
Sale&Pepe maggio 2015

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