Our consulting service addresses various professional categories related to wellness, from doctors to restaurants, from gyms and fitness centers to publishers.

To doctors we offer our cooperation because we know that some outcome failures in the prescribed food regimes are sometimes a result of the difficulty of patients, perceived or real, to put into practice what has been suggested.

Even if a diet is expertly prescribed, often the chaotic modern lifestyle and the difficulty to break with the old habits may create obstacles, sometimes difficult to overcome.

With our experience we can:

– Support the medical prescriptions by writing and/or preparing whole-vegan full meals or specific dishes that fulfill the patient’s taste while being in accordance with the nutritional prescription given by the doctor

– Follow the progress and difficulties that can be found in the daily routine, promptly intervening on some choices and decisions to ensure the objectives’ acievement.

To doctors we can turn when we coach people that consume medicines andhave started with succes a whole food plant based diet, to consider the possibility and manner of reducing the intake of these drugs.

To owners of gyms and fitness centers that, together with us, can help to create the happy bonding of physical activity and proper nutrition for a greater balance of mind and body.

Together we can contribute in helping people that seek to:

– Change their lifestyle regaining a calmer everyday life with greater energy and strength

– Achieve an optimum weight through healthy and calibrated diets

– Obtain better physical performance, also in sports

– Develop a distance from stress and disease

– Alleviate the consequences and discomforts of the aging process.

In fact we propose group or individual wellbeing meetings, centered on a proper, simple and tasty way of eating,  respectful of the body as well as healthy and energetic.

To specialists in the catering field who wish to also address their offer to customers who care for physical wellbeing and choose a whole vegan diet for the pleasure of health or also out of necessity.

Although the demand for healthy foods is increasing, it’s not easy to find fresh and organic products in cafes and cafeterias. Compared to the past, people today are much more informed about the meaning of zero food miles, pesticides, GMOs, pollution, excess animal protein, refined carbohydrates, fats.

With our long experience in the food and restaurant business we are able to:

– Prepare whole-vegan menus to tease interest and desire of eating healthy foods, rich in flavor and fragrance, also respoding to needs of allergies and food intolerances.

– Develop complete menus or particular lines, for example whole-vegan desserts, in correspondence with the philosophy of the restaurant or of the catering’s activities.

– Support the creation of menus or product lines for both schools and corporate cafeterias to help those who want, or must, follow a vegetarian or whole vegan diet.

To publishers who want to spread the benefits of a proper, healthy diet and the therapeutic value of healing foods.

We really believe in what we do. It ‘s not an ideological choice but rather a choice resulting from studies and analysis of extensive worldwide experiences and discoveries that have opened and are opening the possibility of a better lifestyle for all, with encouraging personal experiences and results.

We believe that, together with those involved in spreading the culture of health and nutrition applied to medicine and sports, we may facilitate the dissemination of a lifestyle that can focus its attention on the “real wellbeing” of people and humanity as a whole.

With our experience, and also thanks to relationships we have with many countries and to colleagues who believe like us in a better future, we can write editorials on issues relating to the value of the food that the earth gives us, and the curative properties that it offers us naturally.

Our consulting activities are defined according to the requirements and costs needed for each specific project.

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