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Chocolate from a healthy whole plant based outlook

Chocolate from a healthy whole plant based outlook is a course that aims to give a general overview of the possibilities of using this wonderful and irresistible ingredient, not by chance called food of the Gods.

Using basic and advanced techniques, always easy to implement at home, we will obtain results that may seem unexpected, always maintaining a healthy criteria in all preparations: whole and organic ingredients from the plant based world.

If we eat consciously we can obtain pleasure for our palate while maintaining health and all that it entails. A great satisfaction.
In our courses we learn to build bricks that can then be used to move forward on our own, following a healthy and happy path.


  • Introduction to chocolate
  • Why 100% and how to transform it to make it tasty while remaining healthy
  • Raw chocolate, yes or no?
  • Pralines made simple
  • Easy truffles
  • Self-produced energy bars
  • Almost instant chocolate ice cream
  • A chocolate cake, everyone’s desire. Let us make our own 

March 13, 2019, 7:30 pm with Jenny Sugar at the Joia Academy, Milan. For information and registration write to silvia.zago@joia.it




pic Sale&Pepe-Veg may 2015

Foto Sale&Pepe-Veg maggio 2015

pic Sale&Pepe-Veg may 2015


JS_mousse_crioloender  rittagliata_le_mousse_ciocc_di_acquafava

gelato_cacao_banana copy


muffin avena-banana

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