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Jenny Sugar courses from October to December 2019

It will be here, during the Jenny Sugar courses, that I will tell you about about the “magic” of a diet that is both healthy and delicious, discovering and learning how varied and easy it can be to cook this way. I’m proposing courses quite different from one another, to choose according to your interest, level and availability.

Courses schedule October-December 2019 and some dates already set for 2020:

  •  All in One

lesson dedicated to an overview of preventive and healing food: theory, basics, recipes to start and test yourself out

date:  Wednesday 2 October


  • Whole Plant Based Nutrition

A full course in 5 lessons:

  1. Introduction, Theory & Substitute-ingredients
  2. Raw, Detox and Salads
  3. Appetizers and First courses
  4. Main courses
  5. Desserts

dates:  Wednesdays 16, 23, 30 October and 6, 13 November


  • Come and bake your cake with me

A lesson in which everyone learns how to properly make their own dessert, prepares it and then takes it home

dates:  Tuesdays 19, 26 November and 3 December


  • Chocolate “MonAmour”

The processing and secrets of the ingredient most loved by all, in a single lesson

dates: Thursdays 28 November 2019 (at the Jenny Sugar location) and 23 January 2020 (at Joia Academy)


  • Christmas desserts

In a Whole Plant Based version

date:  Tuesday 10 December


  • A Christmas menu

Healthy and tasty: from appetizer to dessert

date:  Friday 13 December


  • Healthy Desserts, in a whole plant based version

The world’s best cakes in a no-guilt version

date: Wednesday, March 4, 2020 (at Joia Academy)
Cost & launch offer for 2019: 79 euro per lesson including dinner. For up to 3 weeks early bird bookings a 10% discount is applied. With a package of 5 lessons the last one is a gift ☺Timetable and Place: 19:15 – 22:30/23:00, Città Studi, Milan

Reservations: jenny@jennysugar.com or +39 3485240608.

The space is also available for meetings, dinners, team building, privately organized group courses, videos to shoot in the kitchen space already set up with three cameras, any other event you want to organize together. Costs and schedule for these activities are to be agreed, from time to time, according to the request.

I look forward to having you on board!    







Flatbread  Crostatine

Raw_WPB_Sushi    WPB_Pates   spag_zucch   torre_melanzane1 copy

Pasta NavratamKorma1

*JSpics_little_raw_choc_cakes*JSpics_little_choc_cakes_7 *JSpics_little_choc_cakes_9*JSpics_little_choc_cakes_11    mousse_mousse_mousse  couscous


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