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SpeedyVeg, healthy & also speedy cooking class, May 17

SpeedyVeg at Joia Academy on May 17, 2018 at 7.30pm. Meet with Jenny Sugar, Health & Food coach, expert in  preventive and healing nutrition and cooking. A course that will teach us how it is possible to prepare very healthy dishes in a short time, suitable for the hectic life that we often are led to live. Let’s live it without giving up health! … health comes with eating, we add: eating consciously.

Many people are afraid that healthy, plantbased cooking will steal precious time from our lives which are already too busy. This will be a lesson of Vegan-Smart & Healthy quick cooking preparations, dishes to be done in a short time, a lesson specifically for us, racing Milanese, in fact SpeedyVeg just how we can become :-)

Bookings are open, it is worth trying because sometimes, the change is there, around the corner, much easier than what we imagined. Guaranteed. Seeing is believing :-)

To register, just contact Silvia Zago from Joia Academy:


This is the lesson’s program:

– Spreadable cheese, based on cashew nuts. We will also learn to prepare a version with less calories. This spread can be used as such for starters and sandwiches, to stir in risottos and soups, as a base for salad dressings, as a base for a bechamel sauce, etc. The secret: soak it!

– Appetizer or pinzimonio? The secret: the looks count too!

– Vegetable soup on the go. The secret: steaming!

– Raw spaghettis with fast low cost pesto. The secret: raw food creativity!

– Fast vegetable lasagna. The secret: whole plant based vegan béchamel sauce and steamed pre-cooked vegetables!

– Instant ice cream, various flavors: dark chocolate, lemon and ginger. The secret: frozen ripe bananas!

–  Three minute truffles. The secret: the courage of an anti procedure!

All these recipes are gluten and oil free!


we look forward to having you :-)

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